Don't let your last ride in a hearse be your first...

ALL Haunted HEARSE Tours are already SOLD OUT through the end of OCTOBER 2014 (with a full waiting list)

~ Call to be added to waiting list: (505) 697-8067



  • Held every Friday at 8:00pm
  • $40 per passenger
  • $250 for a Private Haunted Hearse Tour (1 to 7 passengers)
  • Advance Pre-Paid Reservations REQUIRED!
  • Call: (505) 697-8067


A 75-minute riding tour inside our comfortable our haunted 1983 Cadillac Hearse, Jeepers Creepers, to some of Albuquerque's most haunted locations. With room for seven passengers, the small group sizes make this tour more intimate and personal as compared with other motorized riding tours in town.

Our Hauned Hearse Tour is the superior way to explore the haunted side of The Duke City! Our hearse seems to attract the spirits which means we frequently have paranormal activity during the Tours. It is a most spooky way to experience the dark side of town! Room for up to seven lucky passengers.

Don't let your last ride in a Hearse be your first ride in a Hearse!




  • Held every Saturday at 9:00pm
  • $40 per passenger
  • Advance Pre-Paid Reservations REQUIRED! Call: (505) 697-8067
  • The maximum number of guests for the Pub Hearse Ride is 7 people
  • We can drop you off at your hotel or B&B in the Old Town area after the tour
  • Pick-ups can be arranged at an extra fee
  • *This tour is for ages 21 and older, valid ID required, no exceptions. Alcohol is not provided nor required, but definitely encouraged and available to purchase at licensed locations during the Tour.

A 2.5 hour Riding Tour to visit some of Albuquerque's Hautned Bars, Pubs and Salloons. Ghost stories are NOT just for kids! Our Old Town Spirits Tour is only for adults! Featuring the finest in "Dead Entertainment", you'll enjoy Old Town's curious history and both types of local “spirits” - ghosts & alcohol. Travel with your Tour Guide and fellow pub crawlers to visit haunted locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico inside an actual hearse.

You will be visiting at least three Establishments (Pubs/Bars/Saloons) that reportedly have spirits other than the liquid type! Samples of other haunted locations you'll typically visit during this tour are a cemetery and historic Old Town.You, your tour guide and fellow Pub Crawlers will spend approx 30 minutes inside each location so you will have time to digest the chilling story about the establishment along with a drink, if you so choose. (Drinks are NOT included in the ticket price).Haunted Hearse Tours include an introduction to basic ghost hunting equipment and you will be shown how to use them to find the spirits!

You are allowed to bring a cooler with drinks and glasses for consumption inside the hearse! (Outside food/beverages not allowed inside any of the establishments we visit.)




Ride in our Hearse, Jeepers Creepers, to your special event!

  • Parties, Funerals, Albuquerque Sun Port pick-up, Bachelor(ette ) Parties, Birthdays, Date Night
  • Up to 7 passengers
  • $100 per hour / One-hour minimum
  • Advance Pre-Paid Reservations REQUIRED!

Call: (505) 697-8067

ALL Haunted HEARSE Tours are already SOLD OUT through the end of OCTOBER 2014 (with a full waiting list)

Don't let your last ride in a hearse be your first ride in a hearse!



Leading the Funeral Procession for Breaking Bad's, Walter White, on Saturday, October 19, 2013


Walter White's Funeral

Our hearse is a 1983 Cadillac named Jeepers Creepers. The last funeral home, where it was a functioning hearse, named her "Jeepers Creepers", because the mortician's wife got the heeby jeebies when riding in it. We thought the name was appropriate, so we kept it! Jeepers Creepers has taken thousands of bodies to their final resting place.

Jeepers Creepers started its life in a San Diego funeral home and was then taken to Arizona's Sun City, where it served as a hearse for many years. The Bisbee Ghost Tour acquired the hearse after the funeral home bought a new one. They took out the table which held the coffins, and put in seats, windows, and gave it's paint job a bit of a face lift. The Bisbee Ghost Tour Owner wanted to be sure that Jeepers went to a good home where happy passengers would be learning local haunted history.

Albuquerque's Living Dead aquired the hearse in September 2013 and Jeepers Creepers moved to the Duky City. We are now taking happy mortals to Albuquerque's most haunted locations!

By the participation in any of our tours or by riding in our hearse, the participant as well as any heirs or assignees agree to hold harmless and release, both now and in perpetuity, Albuquerque's Living Dead and its agents, employees, contractors and or representatives from any and all liability, injury, accident, death, harm, financial loss or incidental damages or any other circumstance arising from or that may occur during, immediately preceding or following or is in any way related to participation in said activity, whether or not due to omission, negligence, incompetence, failure or any other reason on the part of or by Albuquerque's Living Dead. Participant understands that said activity may be physically strenuous, emotionally disturbing and potentially hazardous, and agrees that they are in adequate physical and mental condition to participate as well as adequately outfitted and clothed. tours and hearse rides are for entertainment purposes only.

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