Albuquerque's Ghost Walk ~ The Ghost Tour of Old Town ~ Since 2001!

Legends, folklore, ghost stories and history come to life as you depart on an intriguing excursion through 306 years of haunted history. Old Town is the birthplace of Albuquerque, founded in 1706, and for more than three centuries people have lived and died around the Old Town Plaza. The historic buildings and dark alleys conceal the long-forgotten secrets of battles, murders, hangings, and hidden cemeteries.

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned Ghost Story!

Professional Tour Guides escort you on a 90-minute, lantern-lit adventure. You will search for the lost souls of early residents, Civil War phantoms, spooks, specters, wandering apparitions and over one dozen other ghosts who have made Old Town their eternal home. Learn the history and basics of Ghost Hunting as you hear the chilling stories of actual events. Old Town is one of the most actively haunted locations in North America. Residents, employees and tourists have all experienced unexplained phenomena. From actual sightings of full apparitions which seem to vanish impossibly into thin air; to disembodied voices heard in empty buildings; even objects moving mysteriously on their own.

Come with an open mind and bring your digital camera. Guests have captured many curious unexplained phenomena in photos taken during the tour.

This is a fun, old-fashioned , Ghost Story style Tour. We are not a Haunted House. No one is jumping out at you - or if they do, they are not with us! We ae not a Ghost Hunting or a Paranormal Investigation Tour (Though we do those from time to time). We tell you the reported Ghost Stories, we share the past history of that loction and we show you the evidende collected my various Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators during the past 17-years.

Most of the Tour locations are operating businesses which are closed by the time we pass by. We do not usually go inside the buildings during the Tour, we reminisce from the outside walkways. Merchants invite you to come inside and take a look during their regular business hours.

We do not use "magic", cheap parlor tricks or slight of hand to make you think you've had a paranormal experience. Enough creepy things happen for real on their own!

We invite you to review the evidence, and then decide for yourself the possibility of the existence of ghosts!

Ghost Hunting Equipment Rentals ARE available for use during the Ghost Tour!


GHOST Tours are held most nights at 8:00pm

Reservations must be made and tickets purchased prior to 6:00pm on the night you wish to attend!

  • $25.00 Adults

  • $22.00 Seniors (55+), Military, Police, Firefighter, First Responder, EMT, Teacher, College Student, AAA

  • $17.00 Students (ages 13-17)

  • $10.00 Youth (ages 6-12)

    Children ages 5 and under are FREE (1 Free Child per accompanied Adult - others $5 each)

  • Listed Ghost Tour prices NOTincluding applicable taxes, tour guide gratuity, service charges, etc

VIP Private Ghost Tours & Private GROUP Ghost Tours Available!

  • The more the Scarier!

  • We can accommodate Groups of up to 100 people at one time.

  • Text or Call for pricing and more information: (505) 246-TOUR (8687) / Email:


The Dead Files - a full episode filmed in historic Old Town Albuquerque!!!

The Ghost Tour Team was happy to help with their research and to have two Guides interviewed by Steve DiSchiavi. (This location IS a part of the nightly Ghost Tour of Old Town - Albuquerque's ORIGINAL Ghost Walk - Since 2001!)

Episode premier date: Saturday, July 25th - The Travel Channe). The episode is titled:

"Vengeance - Albuquerque, New Mexico"



Same great Ghost Tour, at a spookier, later 10:00pm time!

Discover the darker side of Old Town by the light of the moon...

The Ghost's of wild Saloons, roaring dance halls, illicit opium dens and private gambling tables (and the lynchings, hangings and gunfights which often accompanied the activity of these establishments) are detailed during our 90 minute adventures.



MOONLIGHT Tours start at 10:00pm on

Select Nights


Moonlight Tours last from 90 minutes to 2 hours

Text or Call for more information: (505) 246-TOUR (8687)

Reservations must be made and tickets purchased prior to 8:00pm


Most of the Tour locations are operating businesses which are closed by the time we pass by. We do not go inside the buildings during the Tour, we reminisce from the outside walkwayMerchants invite you to come inside and take a look during their regular business hours.

Come with an open mind and bring your digital camera. Guests have captured many curious unexplained phenomena in photos taken during the tour.

This is a Ghost Story Telling Tour, not a Ghost Hunt nor a Paranormal Investigation Tour (Though we do those from time to time!) We tell you the reported Ghost Stories, we share the past history of that loction and we show you the evidende collected my various Ghost Hunters and Parnormal Investigators during the past 17-years. We invite you to review the evidence, and then decide for yourself the possibility of the existence of ghosts...

Ghost Hunting Equipment Rentals ARE available for use during the Ghost Tour




$25.00 Adults

$22.00 Senior (55+), Military, Police, Firefighter, EMT, First Responder, Teacher

$22.00 AAA Members(with ID)

$22.00 College Student (with ID)

$17.00 Student (ages 13-17)

$10.00 Youth (ages 6-12)

Children under the age of 6 NOT ALLOWED!

Make Your Reservations Today!




ADD ON during on-line Tour Ticket checkout

THE SPOOK TROOP! Junior Ghost Hunting Tours - just for Kids

(With a well behaved Adult)

Text or Call: (505) 246-TOUR (8687) / Email:



Perfect for Birthday Parties!

Our Guided outdoor Junior Ghost Hunting Tours in historic Old Town are held most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 6pm, through Halloween.

Fun & spooky stories suitable for Children (not overly gory, not super scary) - just fun and informative Tours.

If your Children have enjoyed any of the Ghost Hunting Shows on TV, they will love becoming a real Junior Ghost Hunter!

• Ages 6 to 12 with well behaved Adult
• Ghost Hunting gizmos & gadgets (Shhhh don’t tell them that they are learning while having fun!)
• What is a Ghost?
• Fact vs. Fiction
• TV & Movies vs. Reality
• Ghost & Halloween Trivia
• Up to 90-minutes
• Fun for the family!


All ages = $60.00 per Troop (From 1 to 5 people included in this price - all ages)

Additional Guests over 5 people = $11 each - all ages

* Prices are for Children (6-12) and/or Adults (
* No unaccompanied Children

* Admission price does NOT include sales tax nor Tour Guide gratuity




Held on Select Nights at 6pm

Advance pre-paid RESERVATIONS REQUIRED no later than 3:59pm on the night you wish to attend!

Brought to you by the Ghost Tour of Old Town -Albuquerque's ORIGINAL Ghost Walk - Since 2001!



"Get your Spooks on Route 66"!

Featured on Coast to Coast AM

Survive the Tour? Then buy the T-shirt! Souvenirs available with the Ghostie Zia from History and GHOST Tours of Old Town. Logo items are Wood Grain, Burgundy, Black, Grey and white.

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"10 Best Things about Fall in ABQ"

The BEST Ghost Tour in Albuquerque as decided by Alibi Magazine's "Best of Burque"

Mary - Albuquerque, New Mexico

My friend Steve and I recently took the Ghost tour and had a wonderful time - Highly recommend to everyone.

Regards, Mary


Mark & Taylor M. - Albuquerque, New Mexico

I took the tour on an unusually rainy night in Albuquerque, only adding to the ambience. After a detailed lecture on the different aspects of ghost hunting by a bandaged hand guide, I felt I was ready to conquer the ghosts of Old Town. We started at a closed business with an eeire upstairs area. After a brief history of the building, we surveyed the area with different electronic equipment. Our guides pointed us to the most interesting areas. Now we departed to a small church, after a mysterious story of a weeping lady dressed in black. This was the most intruiging part of the tour. Finally we went to a 'new' area, again fortunately covered from the onpouring rain. We again made our rounds with the electronic devices, and digital cameras constantly flashing. The group met back at the beginning, talking about summaries and any strange events involved.

I've lived in Albuquerque for 20 years and learned more about Old Town during this tour than all my years in the city. I would recommend this tour to anyone; visitor or long time resident. Even though no ghosts were officially spotted, but orbs were, this was an enjoyable time by all.


Doug - Stockholm, Sweden

I just wanted to say that we took the Ghost Tour and our tour guide did a very good job and kept our family of 4 well entertained. The tour guide obviously loves his job and loves telling stories and our family appreciated this. In addition the tour guide had a very detailed grasp of the history of the region. We just wanted to make you aware of his great job.

Cheers, Doug

Michael J - West Allis

Ghost Tour of Old Town

My wife and I spent a lovely five+ days in Albuquerque recently... one of the highlights was the Ghost Tour (our tour guide did a great job). I write a blog for our local community newspaper. Feel free to link to it if you see something you like. Thanks again for helping to make a memorable vacation!

We spent most of the day in Old Town doing the tourist stuff and buying souvenirs (again, just about every store was giving away bowling T-shirts for $5 to $7 bucks). In one flyer or another, there was a write up about a Old Town Ghost Tour, so my wife and I bought our tickets and came back at 8:00 for the tour. I don't believe in ghosts in any way, shape or form, but the tour guide did tell fun stories... usually about bloody murder. My wife on the other hand, bought into it hook, line and sinker and took hundreds of pictures because the tour guide said that many people could see supernatural images in photos. Luckily our digital camera was able to erase the 25 pictures of the same thing that she took!


M'Lee B. - Albuquerque

Private Group - Ghost Tour of Old Town

We totally enjoyed our tour Saturday night. It's been the talk 'round the water fountain. We are checking our photos for orbs and compairing their size.

Thanks for everthing!



Ami C. - Albuquerque

Outlaws, Lawmen & Ghosts Tour

The Outlaws show is AWESOME! You can expect to go down dark alleys, lover's paths, sanctuaries where strange noises can actually be heard, looking for the fellow ghosts of old town. Not only do you learn about the ghosts but also the history that makes Albuquerque what it is today. I highly recommend this tour for anyone looking to step back into time of old town.


Carrie S. - Bradenton, Florida

Ghost Tour of Old Town

I was on one of your tours and I LOVED the tour! I have been wanting to go on one of these for a LONG time! It was Exactly what I expected and our guides (sorry, I am horrible with names) were GREAT! I was extremely happy knowing that I was being guided by professionals! I rated my Vacation in New Mexico as the BEST I have taken thanks to your tour and the pictures I was able to get :)

Thanks again!

Carrie S.


Fran H. - New York

Ghost Tour of Old Town

I took two Ghost Tours last week when I was in Old Town. I am still somewhat a skeptic but I found it to be lots of fun and had a good time both times I went. The tour guides were really good. I took some pictures which I will upload to my computer this weekend. I hope that I got something. Thank you for running such great tours and I really enjoy them and I would recommend them to everyone who visits Old Town. Thank you again.

Fran H.


Mike & Janet A.

Ghost Tour of Old Town

We had a wonderful time on your Ghost Tour last evening. Very informative and fun. We took several pictures that contained a few interesting "extras". Even if our photos didn't capture "ghosts", the historic learning and letting our imaginations take flight during the two hour walking experience is what will stay with us, while taking pictures merely added to "mystery element" of the tour. We throughly enjoyed getting out into the night air and allowing ourselves to experience the curiosity and innocence that children naturally employ. Your tour content made it very easy to "play".

We were not disappointed!

Thank you,

Mike & Janet

John - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ghost Tour of Old Town

Honestly, the ghost tour that I took with your tour guide was so awesome I did not even really notice that it was freezing cold outside. He was very interesting. He lead the group through old town telling us stories and entertaining us. He his hilarious and fits in with the tours personality. He never tried to by scary in a cheesy way. I also learned a lot of interesting things about old town. This new knowledge gave me perspective, and made the tour more exciting. Living here in albuquerque, I have recommended this tour to many local people. I also recommend it to visitors coming into town for a little local spice.




Robert D.B. – Albuquerque, NM

Ghost Tour of Old Town

I would like to thank Tours of Old Town for a truly informative and entertaining tour on Saturday evening. Our tour guide did an outstanding job of bringing the ghosts and history of old town to life. I am a life long resident of Albuquerque and a descendant of three founding families of Albuquerque and have always enjoyed spending time in Old Town with my children but until Our tour guide's incredible tour on Saturday, I was completely unaware of some of the more interesting aspects of Old Town. Our tour group consisted of all Albuquerque residents and our tour guide did a superb job of keeping everyone hanging on her wonderfully woven tales of ghostly things and historic background. I was so impressed, I am planning on returning for additional tours as our guides have suggested and will bring more people with me. My two sons who were also on the tour could not stop talking about how exciting and informative it was. I wish their teachers at school were as dynamic and interesting. Keep up the great work!


Robert DB


Kim C. – Bakersfield, CA

Ghost Tour of Old Town


Our tour guides are fantastic. In fact, they actually were better than the Ghost tours I had in the California Gold Country, San Francisco, and in London! They were very knowledgeable, animated, professional, and considerate. I was especially taken by how much respect they had for the spirits they spoke of. I was inspired. They also had a very calming self about them and although I was a lone traveler, they made me feel safe from spirits and those drinking too much spirits…

On my grand tour of New Mexico this last May, I wanted to take a Ghost Tour in Santa Fe but no one at that company ever returned my call. That company had two days to call back but did not. On my way back to Albuquerque, on my way to Carlsbad, I decided that I’ll try your company. I left a message on the office machine less than two hours before the tour and someone actually called me back. I had just arrived at my hotel and was rushing over to Old Town with about ten minutes until the tour. The tour guide gave me great directions and I was able to make the tour. I really commend your employees for being highly professional. I could tell that they were really on top of things. They are an excellent team. You have such outstanding guides!

Thanks again for an amazing tour. May your company thrive with each passing year.


Kim C.


Robin - Albuquerque, NM

Ghost Tour of Old Town

I went on the tour. The tour was great and the guide was excellent. Whenever we have we have out of town guest the ghost tour is something that I we will definitely recommend for my friends.




Jennifer W. - Albuquerque, NM

Moonlight Ghost Tour

(Alibi BLOG) I did the coolest thing last weekend. I was trolling around the net and I found this new “Moonlight Ghost Tour of Old Town Albuquerque.”

Yeah, I hear you—I absolutely hate going to Old Town during the day because it’s hot, crowded, touristy and makes me wanna break things and say bad words. However, the idea of going on a nighttime tour and hearing stories of ghosts, whorehouses, drunken brawls and more ghosts was quite appealing and hangover-free. I and my companion, Ike, showed up at 10 p.m., paid about $20 each and spent the next two hours being entertained, and even scared at a couple of points. I won’t spoil it for you, but there is a maxxed, turbo-creepy thing at the end. Anyway, check this thing out, because the tour is fun and the guides know their stuff.


Nikki S.

Moonlight Ghost Tour


I just wanted to say that the full moon tour that I recently went on was very fun, we went to some different spots which was very nice. I’m looking forward to doing it again.


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