Old Town Julie Brown

Julia is a true tourist at heart. Having traveled extensively across the US and abroad, Julia will stop for all curious roadside attractions (like the biggest ball of twine, fainting goats, etc.) and she thrives on recounting the tales of miscellaneous trivia acquired during her journeys. Julia arrived in Albuquerque in February 1997, from Seattle, Washington and has embraced the unique lifestyle of the Land of Enchantment. Julia thrilled guests as a Docent with the Albuquerque Museum of Art & History for seven years. Well known as "The Ghost Lady", Julia has been guiding History & GHOST Tours of Old Town Since February 2002 and is the General Manager. Julia enjoys helping visitors to discover and experience both the past history and the current vitality of Old Town, Albuquerque.



Charlie has been a resident of Albuquerque since 2008, Charlie hails from Long Beach, Ca. where he worked for years for the Los Angeles Times newspaper. As an avocation, Charlie has worked professionally as a voice over artist, whose voice has been heard in airports across the country, as well as radio and television commercials performing announcements for products ranging from Honda to Quaker Oat Meal. An avid fan of the paranormal, Charlie has always believed in “something on the other side” and enjoys the dark mysteries of ghosts angels and demons. Just don’t ask him to play around with a Ouija Board. He won’t do it! Charlie has been Guiding History & GHOST Tours of Old Town since August 2012. In the Winter months, you can find Santa Charlie all around the City of Albuquerque!



Lin is a native New Mexican who enjoys music and swimming. He is an avid Frank Zappa connoisseur with an extensive collection of music and memorabilia. Lin earns his living as a credit counselor for the largest money management agency in the world. He is the only son in a family of three who all reside in Albuquerque. Lin has been Assisting History & GHOST Tours of Old Town since 2007 and enjoys the evening stroll and ghost stories.

Santa Charlie

Santa will be back in November 2019 to delight children of all ages. Santa is available for visits at Isleta Resort in Casino every weekend from Thanksgiving through Christmas!

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Angela has been an Albuquerque resident since she was 10-years-old. She has a bachelor's in history from the University of New Mexico and has theatre and teaching experience. An avid reader, Angela delights in any type of storytelling - especially if it includes mystery and intrigue. A mom of two boys, she doesn't scare easily! Angela's loves include travelling to new and distant lands and experiencing new things. She can't wait to help tour-goers have an interesting evening full of stories to go home and share! Angela has been assisting Tours since 2017.  


Ed was raised in the East Bay Area of Northern California and relocated to the Land of Enchantment in 2005 where he has been Assisting History & GHOST Tours of Old Town ever since. Ed loves the history, the Code of the West and the Southwestern Culture (and food!). Ed spends his free time on alternative living and energy. He is building a Tiny Home and looks forward to going "off grid". An excellent chef, Ed grows his own vegetables using an aquaponics system. Ed's curiosity about things that go bump in the night has been fueled by all of the history, legends & lore in New Mexico. Ed has been Assisting tours since May 2009.

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History & Ghost Tours of Old Town affirms that every person has the right to their own beliefs, and we will never dictate what a person should think or believe. History & Ghost Tours of Old Town is open minded and accepting of ALL theories and methods for delving into the unknown world of the Paranormal; including the psychic method as well as the scientific.

Several renowned Ghost Hunting organizations have worked with #AbqTours - History & Ghost Tours of Old Town to research and investigate reported Haunted locations. Tour materials come from investigation findings and ghost stories which have been published in numerous books. Local psychics have contributed their expertise bringing exciting new material to the Ghost Tour of Old Town Albuquerque line up.

We recognize and appreciate the Ghost Hunting efforts by Cody Polston, Founder of the Ghost Tour and Founder of the Southwest Ghost Hunters Association.

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