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Old Town Julie Brown

Julia is a true tourist at heart. Having traveled extensively across the US and abroad, Julia will stop for all curious roadside attractions (like the biggest ball of twine, fainting goats, etc.) and she thrives on recounting the tales of miscellaneous trivia acquired during her journeys. Julia arrived in Albuquerque in February 1997, from Seattle, Washington and has embraced the unique lifestyle of the Land of Enchantment. Julia is a Docent with the Albuquerque Museum of Art & History and serves on the Board of Directors of the Old Town Merchant's Association. Well known as "The Ghost Lady", Julia has been guiding Tours in Old Town for five years and is the President of Tours of Old Town. Julia enjoys helping visitors to discover and experience both the past history and the current vitality of Old Town, Albuquerque.

Old Town Julie Brown


Pat was born in Colorado and grew up along the banks of the Rio Grande River. An experienced outdoorsman, Pat enjoys all that the great outdoors of the Land of Enchantment has to offer: hiking, camping, fishing and treasure hunting! A Veteran of the US Marine Corps, Pat served in the Gulf War and was stationed overseas, in Japan. Pat is a Docent with the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History and has been guiding Tours in Old Town for over three years. Pat has worked extensively researching the history, legends and lore of Old Town. He is especially well versed in the brutal hangings, lynchings and gunfights from the wild days gone by.


Blake’s many years as an award winning entertainer has taken him all over the United States as a stage and walk around performance artist, performing in many venues ranging from private engagements to television. Blake has been guiding Tours of Old Town for over four years; to increase the level of professionalism of the nightly Ghost Tour, he became a certified Ghost Hunter. He currently leads the Ghost Hunting Tour of Old Town. He has been involved in the motion picture industry as an actor, extra and film crew member in here in New Mexico for several years. The Outlaw Lawman and Ghost Magic Show is his current project. Playing the character of Milton J. Yarberry, Albuquerque’s first elected sheriff, hanged for murder February 9, 1883, he wrote and directs the “one ghost show.” It is now playing in the Illusions Magic Parlor in Nob Hill, and the show will hit Las Vegas, Nevada in 2011. As an experienced story teller, he combines life experiences with legends and lore to enhance the performance experience. Blake has served as a creative consultant to other professional performers, organizations and corporations.


Vince - Ghost Hunters of the 505
Vince is a favorite among our Tour Guests with his vivid accounts and details of Old Town's legends and lore. Vince has assisted on several ongoing paranormal investigations in addition to his personal interest in the paranormal and has been guiding Tours of Old Town for over four years. Vince was featured on the hit show, "Dead Famous", where he searched for the Ghost of Billy the Kid. Vince is the founder of the paranormal investigation team, The Ghost Hunters of the 505.


Meredith Edwards has lived in Albuquerque since 1976. She has assisted her husband, Blake, on the Ghost and Outlaw Tours of Old Town for over one year. She has traveled extensively and, while growing up, lived for a time in Brazil and Moscow, USSR. After getting a BA in Geography and Art from the University of New Mexico, she worked as a technical illustrator, cartoonist, and cartographer. During that time she was a regular winner of Halloween costume contests, and was inspired to start her own business, ODD-JECTS d’ART, in the late 80’s. This award-winning artist sold her work at juried art fairs throughout the southwest, and has fabricated props and sculptural costumes for film, theater, performance, and photography. She performed as her own stilt-walking character, The TOOTHLESS FAIRY, at many public events and fairs. She was even the inspiration for the main “wacky artist” character in a book, THE MOMMY CLUB, by Sarah Bird. In the last few years she has changed her style and has been taking her unique handmade toys to doll-toy-teddy bear shows. She collects and repairs vintage dolls and toys (especially MONKEYS), and is currently working on a book about old toy monkeys.




Lin is a native New Mexican who enjoys music and swimming. He is an avid Frank Zappa connoisseur with an extensive collection of music and memorabilia. Lin earns his living as a credit counselor for the largest money management agency in the world. He is the only son in a family of three who all reside in Albuquerque. Lin has been with Tours of Old Town for 2 years and enjoys the evening stroll and ghost stories.

Milton J. Yarberry

Born sometime during the 1850’s, Milt migrated to the territory of New Mexico from Texas, where it is rumored his name was formerly Johnson. As a gun slinger and former dance hall entrepreneur, he was elected Marshal of Albuquerque in 1880. After being indicted for murder twice, he met his end at the end of a hangman’s noose on February 9, 1883. Back to “visit”, you’ll find him almost as quick with his remarks, as he was with his six shooter. A bit short tempered, we don’t let him wear his hardware, but that won’t stop him from occasionally shooting off his mouth. Yarberry is available for hire for your special event!

Meet Milt!





A history student with a penchant for storytelling, Jessica is a recent graduate from the University of New Mexico. She grew up in Albuquerque, and enjoys hiking, camping, and fishing all over the Land of Enchantment. Some of her favorite places to explore, however, are the dark alleyways of Albuquerque’s Old Town, a place rich in history and adventure. She is also an active member of Albuquerque’s art scene, recently participating in a fashion show at the Stove Gallery that included artists and musicians from around the city. She can’t wait to tell you about all the outlaws and forgotten burial grounds that haunt Old Town.


About Tours of Old Town

Our Mission:  

To provide an exciting Tour experience and quality entertainment which shares the past History and Current Vitality of Old Town.

Our Guarantee:  

Tours of Old Town will treat you as a valued guest by providing consistent professional customer service.  We will strive to personally answer the phone when you call or will return your call at the earliest opportunity.  We will personally reply to every email received.  Every inquiry will be responded to within 24 hours or less.  We will staff and maintain a physical location for you to visit us during regular business hours.   We will have a Tour professional ready to serve you.  We will present a professional appearance and demeanor.   Tours will be held on a daily basis.  Tours will start at scheduled times.   Tours of Old Town will provide you with historically accurate and thought provoking quality entertainment. 

Our History:

Folklorist, Julia Brown, thrived as the General Manager for New Mexico Ghost Tours from December 2003 through March 2007.  During that time, Julia’s dedication to deliver quality entertainment for both residents and visitors to the Land of Enchantment was achieved by creating several new products and haunted adventures for guest’s enjoyment.    Julia planned, organized, staffed, lead, directed, controlled and was responsible for several exciting tour products including:  “Ghost Walk of Old Town Albuquerque”;  “Ghosts and Legends of Historic Santa Fe”;  “Dinner with a Ghost in Old Town” (at the Church Street Café, High Noon Restaurant and Saloon, Café au Lait, Julia’s New Mexican and Vegetarian Café and Casa de Fiesta);  “Friday the 13th at the Old New Mexico State Penitentiary in Santa Fe”, “Night of the Dead in Old Town”;  “The Ghosts of Christmas Past”;  “Old Town Ghost Hunting Tour” and the  “Haunted Albuquerque VIP Driving Tour”.

Ghostie Zia
Jailbird Ghostie
Christmas Ghostie Zia
Bowling Ghostie

Through Julia’s leadership, the Ghost Walk of Old Town expanded to a NIGHTLY year-round event with the assistance of 17 Tour Guides.  Julia realized that guests deserved to be hosted by Tour Professionals which could only be achieved by focusing on the Tour business full time.  Julia knows that part time hobbyists can NOT provide the same level of satisfaction that comes from receiving genuine and heart felt customer service, given by people who truly love what they do - who have dedicated their lives to doing what they love!  Julia left her retail career of 20 years to focus on the Tour business full time.  Julia’s hard work was recognized nationally in 2004 when the Travel Channel filmed their popular show, “Weird Travels” in Albuquerque and included Old Town’s Ghost Walk on their “New Mexico Visitors” episode.   The Ghost Walk of Old Town was featured in national print in “Better Homes & Garden” magazine in 2006.

Julia’s quest for additional historic background and trivia drove her to become a Docent at the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History.  It was then that Julia realized the cultural significance that the varied historic past of Old Town plays in making Albuquerque a grand destination for both business and recreational travelers.   Julia could not wait to share the historic significance of the Old Town area with others!

The Old Town Merchants Association appreciated Julia’s passion and enthusiasm for Old Town and elected her to their Board of Directors in February 2006.  After just one year, Julia became the President of the Association and earned her the nickname, “Old Town Julie Brown”.  Julia served on the OTMA Board for four years and still maintains a close working relationship with all Old Town Merchants, residents and property owners as well as with The City of Albuquerque, the Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau and the New Mexico Department of Tourism.

In March 2007, Julia realized that the scope of New Mexico Ghost Tours was too narrow to include all of the historical tour products that she wanted to offer, thus, Julia left the company.   New Mexico Ghost Tours immediately closed and went out of business.   Julia purchased the Ghost Walk of Old Town and set her mind to create a tour business which included Historical Walking Tours as well as a nightly Ghost Tour.  Julia formed the corporation, JCB Entertainment, Inc. featuring Tours of Old Town in April 2007.   

Julia hand selected only the best Tour Guides from New Mexico Ghost Tours (based on their professionalism, story telling ability, historical knowledge, selflessness, reliability and their positive customer service attitude) to join the Tours of Old Town Team.  Additional professional performers (magicians, musicians and actors) were hired to add to your entertainment value.

Tours of Old Town secured a store front location in historic Old Town’s Plaza Don Luis (303 Romero Street NW – Plaza Don Luis Space N120 – Albuquerque, NM  87104) and introduced a new selection of historical entertainment and haunted adventures for guests to enjoy.

Ghost Hunting Affiliations:

Tours of Old Town affirms that every person has the right to their own beliefs and we will never dictate what a person should think or believe.  Tours of Old Town is open minded and accepting of ALL theories and methods for delving into the unknown world of the Paranormal; including the psychic method as well as the scientific. 

Several renowned Ghost Hunting organizations have worked with Tours of Old Town to research and investigate reported Haunted locations.  Tour materials come from investigation findings and ghost stories which have been published in numerous books. Local psychics have contribute their expertise bringing exciting new material to the Ghost Tour of Old Town Albuquerque line up.

Tours of Old Town is proud to be the only full-time professional haunted Tour business in Albuquerque. 

Let us help you to discover the Land of Enchantment!

(505) 246-TOUR

By the participation in any of our Tours or Scavenger Hunts, the participant as well as any heirs or assignees agree to hold harmless and release, both now and in perpetuity, Tours of Old Town and its agents, employees, contractors and or representatives from any and all liability, injury, accident, death, harm, financial loss or incidental damages or any other circumstance arising from or that may occur during, immediately preceding or following or is in any way related to participation in said activity, whether or not due to omission, negligence, incompetence, failure or any other reason on the part of or by Tours of Old Town. Participant understands that said activity may be physically strenuous, emotionally disturbing and potentially hazardous, and agrees that they are in adequate physical and mental condition to participate as well as adequately outfitted and clothed. Tours and Scavenger Hunts are for entertainment purposes only.


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